I value the feedback left by my customers! Just because I think something is great, it really helps me grow and perfect my craft to make sure that I am producing a quality product. I hope you find these reviews helpful and I really hope you'll try one of my candles for yourself - I'd love to post your feedback here too!

"I have the Peach Magnolia candle, it has the perfect level of scent that is sweet and soft, not overpowering at all. The overall quality of this candle is great, and burning longer than expected. Thank you for making a great product!" ~ Charles L.

"I just received a candle for a drawing I entered in. I chose the Orange Spice and it smells so good. I also got two tea light samples so kindly included, which smell amazing. Thank you so much again!" ~ Lindsay M.

"They might be a new company, but they're awesome! My Cucumber Green Tea Candle not only smells amazing, it's burning beautifully! I'll be back for more!" ~ Madison W.

"All I can say is WOW! I purchased the Pink Rose Petals 10oz. candle and I am impressed with how perfectly it burns! No soot, no smoke, just a pretty flame flickering inside the beautiful glass jar. Oh, and it smells amazing too! I'm excited to have found this company!" ~ Rachel S.

"I typically buy Yankee Candles, but I heard so many good things about this company, that I thought I would give them a try - I do not regret it! My 10 oz. Patchouli candle has been for 50 hours (so far!) and burns much more evenly than a Yankee Candle and the scent is perfect! Not too strong, not too soft. I'm so impressed - I've found my new favorite candle company!" ~ Alice C.

"I heard about this company from a friend so I thought I would give them a try and wow, I haven't owned a candle quite like this one. I purchased the Pink Rose Petals Mini for my bathroom and it is perfect! It has just the right amount of scent - not too strong, not too soft - and it's so cute! It doesn't take up too much space and the fragrance is so pretty." ~ Tamara M.

"When Kelli (the owner) asked if I would give an opinion about her candles, I felt like I had to. She's started this as a new business and really has put in a lot of effort to make her candles not only beautiful, but safe and long-burning too. She gave me a 10 oz. Orange Spice candle to try and this is what I can report - 1. The design is beautiful. 2. The candle is perfectly scented, not overpowering, just right. 3. It burns cleanly and completely - no soot, no smoke, no wasted wax. 4. The price is really, really good (she should charge more). 5. I had no problems at all and I love this candle! Kelli's gone above and beyond! I just purchased the Pink Rose Petals 10 oz. and I cannot wait to get it!" ~ Amanda M.

"Ok, so I don't usually give feedback, but when Kelli (the owner) asked me to, I couldn't say no. She's gone the extra mile to make sure that her candles are not only beautiful, but they are incredibly safe too - and wow! they burn forever!! I have the Peach Magnolia 10 oz. and it is truly amazing! Great Company and Even Greater Candles!" ~ Deanna J.

"I bought the Peach Magnolia Tealights and I love them! The scent is beautiful and not overpowering - it's got the perfect scent strength. And even though they're little, they can scent up a room in my house perfectly! I can't wait to try other scents!" ~ Shleana M.