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Have You Ever Bought Candles That...

- Were so overpowering or smelled like chemicals that you, your family or friends couldn't enjoy spending time in your home?

- Had the scent disappear about half-way through the candle?

- Left a lot of unmelted wax around the sides of the container?

- Smelled amazing in the store, but not at all when you got it home and lit it?

- Didn't seem to last very long?

At Strictly Wicks Candle Company, We Guarantee That You Won't Waste Your Money On Inferior Candles Ever Again.

I Understand the Frustration of Poorly Crafted Candles

I missed out on burning candles for about 10 years because every name brand candle I bought was so overly scented, that I could only burn them for a short time because I couldn't breathe. Not to mention I was annoyed at the amount of wax left over from improperly wicked containers that left more wax on the sides than I had burned and the very short burn times caused me give up on the warmth and coziness candles provided.

But, 3 years ago, I decided I had missed out long enough and learned the art and skill of producing candles that were perfectly balanced, burned evenly and completely and had very long burn times. Strictly Wicks Candle Company was born in October 2020 -


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A Candle Company Created for You

πŸ•―οΈAt Strictly Wicks Candle Company, we know that you’re the kind of person who wants to have a home that’s welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. However, achieving this requires a product that can help you create those feelings easily. The problem is most conventional candle companies create candles that are poorly crafted, leading you to a sense of disappointment, a waste of time and money, and prevents you from achieving your desired goal. We believe you should have the ability to set the mood of your home effortlessly. We understand how it feels to struggle to create a warm and inviting home, which is why we create beautiful, perfectly balanced candles so you can achieve the mood you want to set for yourself, your family and friends. πŸ’–

Kelli was awesome to work with. She went above and beyond on a Sunday to help me out. The best part - My friend loved the candle and the scent was great!

Tom Jenkins - 5 Star Google Review

I bought the lilac candle from Kelli and was so happy with the scent strength - not overpowering at all! And it smells just like lilacs. Burned so good and for so long! Love It!

Karen Rueckert - 5 Star Google Review

The Raiders Candle is well made and smells great! Prompt delivery as well . Definitely will buy from this shop again!

Pamela - 5 Star Etsy Review

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