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About the Owner/Designer/Creator - 

Hello! My name is Kelli, and I design and pour all of the candles you see on this site by hand. Each and every component of my candles have been thoroughly researched and extensively tested for safety, a clean burn, ultimate scent throw, and incredibly long burn times to give you the absolute best (and most affordable) candle you will ever own! And I back it all up with a 100% Scent and Performance. I know you're going to love these candles!

My Story - 

I used to buy candles all the time, but I had to stop because the scents were too over-powering or they had a chemically smell that would trigger an asthma attack. :(  Even the expensive ones just about killed me. But, I loved having a candle burning for the ambiance they created and for the lovely scents they produced. But, I just couldn't handle the ones I was finding in the stores. So, I decided to try to make my own. 

Now that I gained control of the ingredients - the wax, the wicks, and the fragrance oils (and the strength of them), I could produce candles that I could actually enjoy - and I hope you will too!

Thank you for considering Strictly Wicks Candle Company as your New Favorite Candle Company!
~ Kelli Davis

Strictly Wicks Candle Company


Humble Beginnings ~ 


Strictly Wicks Candle Company, June 2nd, 2020.