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Less Expensive Shipping? Yes, Please!

Hello! Shipping costs have been my arch nemesis since I began my business! 😠

No matter how I tried, there was no getting around the high shipping costs of candles. Why? Because they weigh sooooo dang much! According to the post office weight rules, "anything over 13 ounces, HAS to be shipped using priority mail"...good side to that is - it gets to you FAST! Bad side to that is - it's expensive.

I played with this idea and that idea trying to make it more appealing to who live far away from me, but still want a great candle and help keep me in business so I could keep making them!

After oooh 3 years (I didn't realize it's been that long since I started this business!), I have finally reached a definitive solution to this horrible problem -Β πŸŽ‰


Buy 1 candle - shipping costs are $5.00

Buy 100 candles (please don't...that might give me a heart attack!) - shipping costs are STILL $5.00!

Oh! And if you're local, you can buy online and pick up in the store - No Charge! We'll have your purchase ready for you when you get there!

Everything has been updated in the cart for your shopping convenience and it should work perfectly....If you run into trouble, please text me and I'll get it worked out for you!

Happy Shopping and Saving! 😁

Hugs! - Kelli



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