I Am a Glutton for Punishment!

Good Morning, Strictly Wicks Fans! So, yesterday I had my gall bladder removed - fun, fun (no, not really!). This marks the second surgery I've had (the first was on my thumb) in a month and a half! I'm not generally a person who gets ill very often, but this thing had been bothering me for six years, interfering with things I wanted to do and places I wanted to go, so I had it taken care of yesterday.


I'm recovering at home with the help of my significant other, Oliver, and my amazing son, Arizona - both have been amazing! And the moral support of my Mom (we always need our Mom's, don't we??) and my adventurous daughter, Savannah - who is currently in New Orleans on a mini-vacation (she offered to stay, but I told her, "Heck No! Go and Have Fun For Me!) She promised to send pictures, and she has kept it! It makes me happy to see what she's doing!


As far as the candle business goes, I prepared ahead of time. I have all the Signature Series Candles in stock, and they will ship the same day or the next day - depending on what time of the day you order!

I have some Super Cute Pet Themed Candles coming out this week - I know you're going to love these! I need to get Arizona to photograph them for me, and they'll be available for purchase - I hope - by the end of this week!


I hope everyone is doing well - Please enjoy the beautiful Spring weather for me until I can get outside for myself!


Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

~ Kelli


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