Father's Day is Sunday!

Hi! Here are a couple of ideas for Father's Day Gifts!

Is your dad into Harley-Davidson Motorcycles?




Beautiful black and white swirl design wax in 2 different, but each very cool, styles! Scent is called "Cooler Than You" and is an exclusive blend of Cedar, Patchouli & Sandalwood - very popular!!

$15 each and it comes with a Harley designed gift box (no wrapping involved!)

I'll be at the candle kiosk tomorrow and Saturday (the 17th & 18th) so stop by and pick one up! Text ahead if you want to make sure I'm there or have any of these left! 217-552-2722 - Kelli

P.S. I also have Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox, Yankees and All 4 Branches of the Military Candles available as well!


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