New Store Open Now - Suite 151 - Lincoln Square Mall - Urbana, Illinois

All Kinds of New Stuff Now!

Hello! I've missed you! I've been working hard on getting Football Candles ready to go for football season! Go Steelers!!!

Also, I've made brand new Harley Davidson candles - 2 new designs and a brand new scent. "Cooler Than You" has gotten a modern upgrade! A refreshing combination of Sea Salt, Musk and Sweet Amber! Check those out!

I've also got my act together to bring you an updated scent to the Mustang and Corvette Candles! The Mustang candle is a sensual blend of Bergamot, Red Pepper and Leather and the Corvette Candle is an intoxicating blend of Bourbon, Clove and Amberwood....they smell incredible!

Also...have I said that enough times??? Geesh! Anyway, Fighting Illini Candles are also Back in Stock! I've decided to just do blue (not a whole lot of people like the orange one much) - BUT, if it's orange you want, shoot me a message or a text and let me know! - Happy to make that happen for you!

In other news, the Iridescent Candles will Finally be on the site! They're just so beautiful that it's hard to get a picture of them that does them justice, but I think I've finally managed!

And the Fall Line will be made soon too! So much candle making going on here along with finishing up the exterior of the store! If you're local, please stop by! I'm at Suite 151 in Lincoln Square - Across from Baldarottas!

In the meantime, Happy Shopping! Hugs! - Kelli


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